Learner Journey

Introducing Learner Journey, a new way to visualise your learning journey!

What is Learner Journeys?

Learner Journeys is a feature that provides a visual and interactive overview of your sharings. It helps you to:

  • Visualise your learning journey: See the sequence of learning material assigned to you and activities that lead to your learning objectives.

  • Track your progress: Monitor your progress through each milestone.

  • Identify obtainable skills: Understand the skills you'll gain throughout your learning journey, enabling you to visualise your career advancement.

Enabling the 'Journey' Option

Important Note ⚠️

The name of your sharing will become the title of the learner journey.

Your learners will see this title when they access the journey, so ensure the title accurately reflects the journey's content and objectives.

Follow these steps will instantly convert your sharing into a structured learning experience for your learners.

  1. To transform your sharing into a learning journey, simply go into your desired Sharing you wish to make into a Learner Journey.

    The 'Journey' option will appear when you try to publish or re-publish an existing sharing.

  2. In order to make the section 'Learner Journeys' visible on the learner's dashboard, navigate to the user dashboard in order to enable this section.

  3. Once in the user dashboard, you can add the section 'My journeys'. This will make it visible on the user dashboard.

How it looks for your learners

Your learners will easily find their Learner Journeys on their homepage. Just one click is all it takes to access and continue their learning progress. Learners can even participate in multiple Learner Journeys simultaneously, keeping their learning experience dynamic and engaging.

A dedicated icon in the top right corner of their homepage provides a central hub for managing their active journeys.

The journey overview page features a timeline-based layout that showcases the sequence of learning resources and activities you'll encounter throughout your journey.

Delve into the full scope of your Learner Journey by clicking on its title. The journey overview page will unfold, showcasing your Learner Journey in a clear and engaging manner.

Visualise your progress as you navigate the journey timeline, represented by coloured boxes that transform from grey to green upon completion. Each box signifies a distinct learning step, categorised by its corresponding content type – learning paths or events.

The progress bar at the top of the page dynamically updates to match your current stage in the journey. Beyond the timeline, the journey overview page also provides a concise description of each learning step and the skills you will acquire along the way.


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