To connect your Learningbank and your Tamigo platforms, you first of all need to create an API authentication.

1. Log in to your Learningbank platform with an administrator account and make sure you're in Administrator view. Next, click on Organization > Integrations.

If you are not able to see the Integrations menu item, contact your Adoption Manager.

2. Create an Integration and give it a relevant name.

In this example, the integration is named "Tamigo - Demo". If you have multiple integrations set up, it is recommended that you include the client system in the name.

You should now be able to see the following authorized app:

The two highlighted codes (username and password) will need to be transferred to your Tamigo. Keep the Learningbank browser tab open and head over to your Tamigo in a new tab or window.

3. In your Tamigo platform, navigate to Configuration (gear icon) > Plugins:

4. Search for Learningbank and copy-paste the relevant fields (username, password, and platform URL).

All set! You're now ready to start exporting users to Learningbank.

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