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How to setup your integration with Learningbank
How to setup your integration with Learningbank

Step-by-step guide to integrate Learningbank with your other systems

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Step 1 - Talk to us

You will be granted access to our integration platform which is a third party system called This will allow you to setup your integration in a few steps.

Please get in touch with your Learningbank Adoption Manager if you are interested in adding a new integration to your platform. You will be able to view each and every one of Learningbank's integrations right here, as well as read additional information regarding each of the integrations.

Once you've been in contact with your Learningbank Adoption Manager, you will be granted access

This will allow you to easily build the integration. πŸ› 

Step 2 - Integration Hub

Once you have logged in to your account, you will be met with this screen. See image below. Click on the green button "Create an integration" to view all available integrations.

Step 3 - Choose your integration

At this point, you are able to view every possible integration and select whichever integration best suits your needs. πŸ’₯

Step 4 - Use integration

When you have decided which integration it is that you want to use. You will then be presented with some information regarding the integration; the specifics of this will, of course, change depending on the integration. As an illustration, we will use the HR-ON integration that learningbank provides; however, rest assured that the step will be the same for all integrations.

Click "Use Integration" when your ready

Step 5 - Connect the platform

The following step will be presented to you once you have selected "Use Integration" from the drop-down menu.

Now there are two things that you need to do; first, you need to connect with your learningbank platform, and then you need to connect with your other system. It makes no difference in which order you complete the steps.

Step 6 - API

First things first, let's establish a connection with Learningbank.

After you have clicked on "Connect Your Learningbank," a popup will appear requesting the API_Username and API_Password.

These two pieces of information must be entered before you can continue.

Don't be concerned if you don't know what this is or where you can find it; finding it is simple. You can read this brief article from our helpcenter or simply log into your learningbank platform and navigate to the admin view. Go to "Organisation" and then "integrations". Here you create a new integration, give it an appropriate name and once that is created you will have the API_Username and API_Password

Now back to the integration process, here you enter the API_Username and API_Password in order to continue.

Step 7 - Additional integrations

The next step is to connect any additional software systems you may have. Similarly to step 6 you must repeat those steps for the other system. This varies greatly from system to system, and if you are unsure how to obtain the API keys for that system, you should contact that supplier.

Step 8 - Field Mapping

Now you will have to fill in the mapping πŸ”„

First and foremost, what exactly is field mapping?
Field mapping is the process of identifying what data you want to transfer between two systems. Name, Job Profile, Department, and Phone Number are all good examples.

On the left, you can see all of the available fields that can be mapped to Learningbank, and on the right, you can choose which field from your system should match the Learningbank fields.

* The only required field maps are First Name, Last Name and Email; everything else is optional, and you can even add your own additional mappings.

Step 9 - Customize

In this step you have the option to customize the integration even more and fit your need. We've put in a longer description underneath each field for you to more deeply understand the choices you have.

Step - Final step

When you are ready you can click Next and you are done. 🀩

The integration process runs once a day at 06:00 AM. Remember that you can always go back into and change some of the settings and resubmitting the integration.

When the integration is finished, you'll be able to see the new contacts and everything else you've decided to integrate with Learningbank right inside the Learningbank platform. βœ…

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