Communication and notifications

This feature gives you full control over which notifications your users receive from the platform.

At Learningbank, we love to automate administrative tasks, so you can spend your time creating engaging learning content for your users. This is exactly why we have created a simple overview of all the communication to your users.

How to access communication

Navigate to Organisation in the side menu and click Communication. Here you will find four menus: User creation, Learning, Event and Miscellaneous. In every tab, you can enable and disable different types of notifications. All the communication settings have a short description beneath them in the platform, so this article contains more information.

How to manage who has permission to access the e-mail settings

What users can see and do on the platform is determined by their permission type. If you want to give a specific permission type access to the communication settings, navigate to Organization in the side menu and select Permissions. Then click on the permission type you want to give access to. Next, switch on the Organization toggle bar and tick the Notifications box. Remember to save in the top-right corner to finish.

Notification types

On every setting, you can choose to send a notification via email. On others, you can also choose to add SMS and push notifications.

When notifications are sent via SMS, your users will get a text notifying them. However, this is only available if you have the add-on. If you would like to hear more about this, please contact 

Communication settings

To dive deeper into all the different communication methods, we have made an article for all folders. Click the links below to learn more about the specific type you need.

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