• You need to be an Organizational Admin in Ashby. You know you are one if you can select the Admin tab on the top.

  • If you are no Admin, please reach out to your Administrator or IT department. Ashby does not tell you who an admin is.


Navigate to the API Keys page

Navigate to the API key section in Ashby either here or by opening the Admin tab and searching for API Keys.




Create API Key

On the API keys page, click the button + New to open the dialog to create a new API key




Then enter a name for the API key. Make sure from the name you still understand the purpose later.

Then click Create API Key




Copy API Key

Then the API key will be shown to you. This is the only time it will be visible to you - make sure you copy it before closing the dialog.




Paste the API Key

Paste the API key into the connection dialog and click continue. This will validate that the API key was entered correctly and prompt you with next steps afterwards.