Please carefully read the following to make sure you fulfill all the requirements to set up the integration:

  • You have Administrator or Manager permissions in your company's BambooHR instance or someone has shared their access with you.

  • If you do not have sufficient permissions, you might see the following when trying to create the API key later:


Finding your subdomain

  1. Log into BambooHR.

  2. View your subdomain in the URL bar in the form of


The permissions of BambooHR's API key depends on the "Access Levels" of the user. To configure the permission of the user, you will need to edit the settings of the "Access Level" that the user belongs in.

  1. Navigate to the top right part of the screen, and click on the "cog" button:

  2. Locate "Access Level" on the sidebar on the left side of the screen in the "Settings" page, and click on it:

  3. To edit the permission of the user, you will need to find the level that the user is in, or create a new level and assign the user to it. Click on the "plus" button to create a new user:

  4. If the user is in the level called "Integration", for example, click on it to navigate to level's settings:

  5. Click on the "Access Level Settings" button of your level to edit the permissions:

  6. Edit the permissions in accordance to the connection flow:

    Note: due to the design of BambooHR, a specific permission can have either "View only" or "Edit", therefore, if the connection flow only shows "at least View Only" for a specific field, then you will need to set its permission to "View Only":


    If the connection flow asks for both "at least View Only" and "Edit" a specific field, then the field needs to be set as "Edit":


Creating an API key

  1. Log into BambooHR.

  2. Click on the BambooHR logo in the top right corner, then click on the "API Keys" item:

  3. Click on "Add New Key" to create a new API key:

    Note: If you can not see "Add New Key," it likely means your account has insufficient permissions. Please refer to the prerequisites.

  4. Name your key anything, then click "Generate Key."

  5. Press "COPY KEY" to copy the value of the key: