Branding: Personalise your Company Platform

This article will tell you, how you can personalize your platform with the Branding feature.

With our Branding feature, it is possible to create the look you want on the platform by adding your Company logo and the colours you want. Make the platform feel like home for the users and ensure that you feel ownership over the Platform you spend time perfecting.

When editing the branding, you first hover over 'Organisation' and then choose 'Branding'. Then you need to click on the '+' to create a new branding for the platform. Please note that you can have multiple branding in the branding tap, and the core reason for this is that you can actually customise brandings to the different departments. This means that not every department has to have the same colours and logo - you get to choose what they see.

When changing the colours, you can add them as Hex colours or with RGB codes. And the logos you simply add as a file directly from your computer by browsing or dragging. Your newly chosen colours and logos will appear on the platform and the login screen.

Image ratio recommendations

Square = 1:1

Rectangle 1:4

Logo = 1:3 / 1:1

You pick which one of your brandings you would like to be the default one. This way, there is always a branding that suits your company style in a newly made department. If you'd like to change the branding later, you can always do so under departments.

Quick tip💡

If you want to see a preview of your branding, click 'Customise' to see a view of how the Platform design looks as well as the Login screen. Here, you can also play around with your chosen colours and the transparency of your logo.

If you have not uploaded any image or set a background colour, the login input fields will move to the centre just like you would see on mobile devices since we do not display the left side of the login page on mobile. If you have not uploaded any login logo, we show the platform name instead.

After making a branding, you can always edit them if you feel something needs a touch-up.

If you have any questions or need any help, please feel free to contact our support team🚀