• You need to be an Admin in BreezyHR. If you are not an Admin, please reach out to your Administrator or IT department.

  • You know you are an Admin if you can see your Company Settings as indicated below after clicking the cog in the top left corner.


BreezyHR uses your own Login information for integrations. For reliability, we highly recommend creating a new user in Breezy that will be used for this integration. Make sure the created user is an Admin.

  1. Log into BreezyHR, then click on the cog in the top left corner, then on "Invite Members"

  2. Click on "Invite Members":

  3. Enter the name of an email you wish to use for the integration user, set their role to "Administrator" and press "Invite User(s)":

  4. Finally, verify the email of the user you just created, then enter their email address and password into the connection flow: