• A d.vinci user account with the Administrator role


  1. Find out the domain your d.vinci instance is hosted on. You can see it in your browser's address bar when you're logged into d.vinci:

  2. Enter the domain into the connection flow and click "Continue":

  3. Click the "Menu" button in the d.vinci sidebar:

  4. Find and select the "Application Portals" option (you can use the search to find it):

  5. On this page, click the "Create" button in the top right:

  6. In the connection flow, we will now show you two values (the "Name" and "URL Path"):

  7. Copy and paste both of these into the right fields in d.vinci:

    Note: Do not enter the values that are shown above. In your connection flow, you will see different values. Copy and enter your own values.

  8. Click "Continue" in the connection flow to go to the next step:

  9. Fill out all the fields until "Application Import." Configure the "Organization Unit" and "Languages" according to the jobs you want to share. The other fields are not too important; feel free to configure them as seen below:

  10. Click "Continue" in the connection flow to go to the next step:

  11. In the connection flow, you will now see credentials for setting up the "Application Import" (if you don't see this step; you can skip ahead):

  12. In d.vinci, select "Secured with Tracking Status" from the "Application Import" dropdown and paste the "Username" and "Password":

    Note: Do not enter the username "demo". You will get shown a different username.

  13. Scroll all the way to the bottom and click "Create":

  14. Click "Continue" in the connection flow to go to the next step:

  15. Open the menu again:

  16. Find and open the "Application Statuses" page:

  17. Scroll down to the items marked with "Final status":

  18. Click on each of them and follow these steps:

    1. Click the small pencil icon next to "Properties":

    2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and open the "Additional Information for External Systems" section:

    3. For the "Tracking Status," enter either "REJECTED" or "HIRED" depending on the status:

    4. Finally, click "Update" at the bottom:

    5. Go back and repeat this for the other final tracking statuses.

  19. Now go back to the connection flow and click "Continue":

  20. Sometimes, you'll also need to configure a "source" in d.vinci to see where new applications are coming from. In that case, you will see a screen like this:

  21. To do that, open up the menu again:

  22. This time, find and open the "Master Data" (🇩🇪 "Stammdaten") page:

  23. On this page, find and open the "Sources" (🇩🇪 "Quellen") option:

  24. On the sources page, click on the "+ Source" button in the top right corner:

  25. Enter a display name for your source and click "Create":

  26. After creating it, open the source again by selecting it from the list:

  27. Copy the "Internal Name" that's displayed:

  28. Paste the name into the connection flow and click "Set up integration":

  29. Now you're all done; the integration has been set up successfully!