Entra ID (Azure AD)

Set up your user integration in the Integration Hub with Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD).

Microsoft Azure AD was rebranded to Microsoft Entra ID. This rebranding only affects the name of the integration - all features and functionalities will be the same as with Azure AD.

❗Prerequisites: If you're not the Global Administrator within your Microsoft Account, you need to find a colleague who is an Global Administrator of Microsoft in your organization in order to complete the setup process.

  1. Navigate to portal.azure.com, then search for "roles and administrators", click on Azure AD roles and administrators.

  2. Unsure that under "Your Role" your user has the role Global Administrator listed:

Connect your account

  • Once you have identified a Global Administrator as detailed in the prerequisites, make sure that the administrator completes the connection flow.

Include specific Security Group

If you only wish to include a certain group of users in Learningbank, you can use a security group. The name of your security group is the one you also put in the platform, see below.


Under the department tab, when setting up the integration, you just type in the name of the security group you wish to include. This means only the users in that group will be imported to Learningbank.

In the case below, Learningbank is the security group we want to include.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate reaching out to support 🚀