What are Events and Blended Learning?

Get a quick intoduction to the events feature, and how blended learning can be utilised to create a more engaging and exciting learning journey for your employees!


What is Blended Learning? 

If you are not familiar with the term blended learning, it's a very simple but powerful concept. At its most basic, blended learning is the integration of face-to-face and digital learning activities. Utilising different learning styles gives room for different kinds of learners! It connects with those who thrive in a social setting focused on listening and discussion and also those who prefer the flexibility to engage with the course online at their own pace and convenience. 

You can hear more about blended learning in our dedicated video on the topic here!

What are Events?

Events can be many things! Live trainings, meetings, workshops, 1:1 sparing sessions, peer group discussions, the list goes on! Anything that is in person face-to-face, online via video chats, or hybrid can be organised via the events feature. They can stand alone, or be included in learning paths to create a blended approach to learning. In contrast to digital learning modules, multiple participants can join simultaneously, enabling real-time interaction, communication, and sparring between users and teachers or administrators!

Why use Events?

As much as digital learning is important to us here at Learningbank, we believe even more in blended learning! Events are a great way to engage with users on their learning journeys. They can allow new employees to show what they have learned in their onboarding phase, or to reskill or upskill existing employees with new learning content. The goal is to cater to multiple learning styles by blending digital and in-person learning.


Watch this video to get a deep dive into the events feature! 📽️