Export guide for Articulate Rise (SCORM) files

This article explains how to export an Articulate Rise file so that it works with Learningbank's Learning Lifecycle Platform

In the following guide, you will learn about exporting a Rise (SCORM) file.

Navigate to the tab "Export":

Under Export settings use these settings:


Tracking settings

Ticking "Track using course completion":

Here you can set the percentage to reflect how much of the module the learner is required to go through before the LMS returns "Completed":


It calculates the percentage from the number of "lessons" the user has gone through/completed.

Ticking "Track using quiz result":

The module checks if the user has passed a set passing score by checking the result of a specific quiz in the module (In this case the "Wellness Quiz").


Note: The user can skip all content in the menu and still get "completed", as long as they pass the quiz (unless "Restrict Navigation" is enabled in Theme settings).

Ticking "Track using Storyline Block"

This can be ticked if you have added a Storyline Block in your Rise and want to track results from this.

Reporting settings

Depending on your settings in Tracking, you can use either "Complete/Incomplete" or "Passed/Failed".

Use Complete/Incomplete when tracking by using course completion or when you don't wish to give the user a score or a quiz result.

Use Passed/Failed when using quiz result and you wish to give the user a score (0-


Quiz settings

Here you can change the passing score.

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