FAQ: Communication

Here you have frequently asked question about platform communication.

Tip💡 Check your communication settings before reading the FAQ below, as nothing will be sent if the setting is not on.


Q: I have invited my users to an event through a learning path. When will they get the invitation?

A: The day after in the morning hours.

Q: I just published a new sharing. When is the "new learning email" sent?

A: This depends on your starting point settings. If it is set to 'Right after publishing', the notifications are sent right away.

Q: How will users know that new learning is unlocked if I, e.g. have a delay?

A: The day after a new module is unlocked, the platform will send a new learning reminder in the morning hours.

Q: I set my starting point in a sharing to be on the 15/3 at 1 p.m. Will the new learning email be sent at this time?

A: No, then the new learning email will be sent out the day after in the morning hours.

Should you need the email sent out on the 15/3, you can instead set the starting point to be on the 14/3 but with a time that is at the end of the work day. then the content will open when the starting point says, but the email is sent the next day.

Q: I forgot to enable the action emails before I added users to the platform who should have gotten the message. Can I resend it?

A: Yes, you can! If it is only one user, you can do it by going to user management, clicking the three dots and then 'Resend activation email'. If you need to send it to multiple users at once, you can tick them off in the little box to the left of their name and then use the pop-up forming at the top of the screen to send an activation email to all marked.



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