For Machine Production: Business Success through Learning and Development

Learn to measure impact - connect business metrics with L&D metrics.

Your role as a learning platform administrator, within Learning & Development (L&D), presents challenges and opportunities.

In today's fast-changing business world, effective L&D strategies are not just helpful; they are necessary for business success.

After five years at Learningbank and working with various customers, I'm excited to share insights that inform and inspire how you can measure business impact of your learning activities.

Challenges in Measuring Business Impact:

In the field of Learning and Development, assessing the direct impact on business outcomes presents a nuanced challenge. Connecting traditional L&D metrics with the results that genuinely concern executives is not merely advantageous; it's a crucial step for securing executive approval and the necessary budgetary support - and, more significantly, for the business to achieve success through learning initiatives.

Let’s explore the critical first steps.

Aligning with Core Business Metrics:

Recognising and understanding the key business metrics valued by your industry and company is crucial. Aligning L&D metrics (such as completion rates, feedback ratings, and time spent) with overarching business goals (revenue, profit, and customer satisfaction) directly supports your strategic objectives.

Combining L&D Metrics with Business Metrics:

Merging insights from L&D with key business metrics unveils correlations and influences that impact your daily responsibilities. Asking critical questions that reveal the impact of L&D on business outcomes is integral to your strategic role.

πŸ’­ As you navigate, consider these interactive questions:

How have your L&D initiatives aligned with your business's core metrics? Can you identify any challenges in this alignment?

An example with a focus on Business Outcomes:

Intertwining L&D metrics with core business measurements yields transformative insights.
Consider this example for a Production Company: The business is looking to reduce the number of security incidents. Therefore, we are introducing a targeted security training campaign as part of our Learning and Development initiatives.

The Metrics Connection:

  • Security Incidents (Business Metric): A traditional measure in Production.

  • Time Spent on Security Training (L&D Metric): A traditional indicator of learning engagement.

Quantifiable Impact:

After the launch of the security training program, you carefully monitor the results. Here's how you break it down:

  • Decrease in Security Incidents: We observe an XX% decrease in security incidents within the production environment.

  • Time Spent on Security Training: Concurrently, there was a substantial XX% increase in the time employees spent on the security training modules.

The Clear Link:

By holding the decrease in security incidents against the time spent on training, a tangible connection emerges. The conclusion could be unmistakable: Since the launch of the security training campaign XX months ago, we can directly attribute an XX% reduction in incidents to the targeted L&D efforts.

Valuable Insights:

This example highlights the effectiveness of aligning L&D efforts with business objectives. It's not just about completing training; it's about understanding the tangible impact on critical business metrics. The clear link between reduced incidents, time spent on training, and the targeted decrease provides quantifiable evidence of the positive impact on overall production safety.


With this tangible example, consider how similar strategies could be applied to other learning campaigns. Now, it's time to ensure you connect skills efficiently to your learning objectives. You can explore that in more detail in this article.
In conclusion, by leveraging concrete examples and establishing clear connections between L&D initiatives and business metrics, we can elevate Learning and Development from a mere cost center to a strategic driver of success.

How have you seen the impact of L&D for your business in your role? πŸš€

I hope you found this inspirational on how you could measure the impact of your L&D initiatives and learning campaigns 🌟

Best regards,

Camilla Orloff

VP of Operations