Google Workspace


  • You need to find a user who is an Administrator in the Google Workspace account in your organization in order to complete the setup process.

    • These users will be the only people who can complete the setup process.

  • If you are not an Administrator of your Google Workspace:

    • Send the connection link to an Administrator in order to take over the setup process.

    • Alternatively, ask them to make you an Administrator to the Google Workspace account.


While setting up the connection, you will be prompted to accept the listed scopes. When that is done, the connection should be completed. If you are still encountering errors, look into the troubleshooting steps.





Error 400: admin_policy_enforced

This error is common if the security setting within your Google Workspace tenant is configured differently than the default. The following screen will be shown to you:



Solving this issue

To solve this issue, follow these steps:

  1. Log into the Google Admin UI.

  2. Search for API Controls in the top search bar and click the page that is located at Security > API Controls:

  3. Click Manage Third-Party App Access:

  4. Click Add app and select OAuth App Name or Client ID:

  5. Copy the following app ID:
  6. Paste the ID into the search bar and click Search:

  7. Click Select next to the Kombo app that will appear:

  8. Select the app again from the list of OAuth client IDs and click Select:

  9. Make sure [Your organization] (all users) is selected and click Continue:

  10. Select the Trusted option and click Continue:

  11. Click Finish to finish the setup:

  12. Now, try connecting your Google Workspace account again.