Create a new service user

  • Click the orange button showing “New Service User”

  • Fill in the fields for the service user name and its display name, for example

    • Service User name: “Integration Service User”

    • Display Name: “Integration Service User”

  • A pop up showing the service user’s ID and token should show up. Make a note of these values!


Create a new user group and add the service user to it

  1. The name of the group. You can choose whatever you want here or simply name it “Integration Service Users Group”

  2. Select who’s in the group:

    • Choose “Select people by condition” and press edit. A new form will open.

    • Remove the default condition if any were added.

    • Under “Add specific employees”, select your created service user.

Press “Apply” to confirm the permission group creation. A new window will open where you have to configure the correct permissions.

Configure the permissions:

Click on People's Data and select which permission that should be allowed:

Press Edit Permission



Tick the following 2 settings