Hide Content in Your Module Overview

Introduction πŸ’‘

Our new "Hide Content" feature allows you to selectively hide content modules from your overview, providing a cleaner and more organised content landscape. This feature also empowers you to manage content release, refine content development, and enhance content organisation. While hidden content is invisible to admins, it remains accessible to learners, ensuring uninterrupted learning.

This article will guide you through the process of hiding content from your overview.

How to Hide Content πŸ”

  1. Navigate to the module overview: Locate the module overview page.

  2. Access module settings: Click on the three dots or settings icon next to the module you want to hide.

  3. Select "Hide": In the dropdown menu that appears, choose the "Hide" option.

  4. Confirm hiding: A confirmation message will pop up. Click "Hide" to confirm your action.

Filtering Hidden Content πŸ”

With the "Hide Content" feature, you can easily filter your content view to focus on either hidden or unhidden content.

  1. Locate the filter toggle: In the top bar of the module overview page, you'll find a filter toggle.

  2. Switch between views: Click on the filter toggle to switch between viewing all content, only hidden content, or only unhidden content.

Benefits of Hiding Content πŸ‘

  • Clutter-free overview: Hiding content declutters your overview, allowing you to focus on the most relevant content for your learners.

  • Streamlined content management: Manage content release, refine content development, and enhance content organisation more effectively.

  • Uninterrupted learner experience: Hidden content remains accessible to learners, ensuring they can continue their learning journey without disruptions.

We hope this help center article has been helpful. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our support teamπŸš€