Before getting started, please carefully read the following to make sure you fulfill all requirements for the integration to work:

  • You are an admin of your HRworks instance or an admin shared their access with you. This is necessary for retrieving the API credentials as explained later in this guide

Find your API credentials

  1. Log into your HRworks instance (or that of the admin account that was shared with you)

  2. On the sidebar, go to "Administrator <Company name>"

  3. In the view that just appeared, click on the tile "Basics"

  4. Click on the tile "Integrations"

  5. Click on the tile "HRworks API"

  6. On the new page, click the button "New key pair"

  7. Click the button "Download" that just appeared

  8. Your API credentials should have been downloaded by now as a .txt file

  9. Open the file.
    You should see the credentials in the format of

    Access Key: bwdJ9...........kRhc
    Secret Access Key: XNN73f3/P.......................U9DoOnB6

    For security reasons parts of these credentials were redacted, real credentials have no "..." in them

  10. Before continuing, make sure you have the right scopes selected for this integration.
    To see the required scope, go to the connection flow to "required scopes"


    This is just an example, your required scopes might look different!

  11. Now select the key you just generated and tick on the permissions in the scope config page at the bottom of the page

  12. Now, copy the credentials from the file and paste them into the connection flow
    Click "Set up integration"