Module Maker: Choosing a module type

This is where you will start your journey to creating a learning experience that will engage and educate your learners.

Choosing a module type

When you create a new module, you will have to select the module type that suits the content you want to create the best. There are 3 different types to choose from:


The Lesson module type contains a limited amount of slides but can be used to present information by using a variety of text, images, videos and other media.


Besides the slides available in the Lesson module type, the Quiz module type contains various interaction slides, from classic Multiple or Single choice questions to engaging Fill in the blanks, Hotspot slides and more!

You can create a quiz when you want to engage with your learners. Ask them questions, test their knowledge or invite them to reflect.


The Survey type contains all the slides found in the Quizzes with the addition of a Range and Rating slide.

You can create a survey to evaluate physical courses or training or digital learning or to create more generic surveys. All responses you receive from this module type are anonymous, meaning you, the administrator, will not be able to see any names attached to the responses.

Screenshot 2024-07-11 112119

The picture above shows you where to find the different slide types.

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