Module Maker: Publish your module

Publishing a module

At this point, you are ready to publish the module and later add it to a Learning path or directly to a Sharing.

If you forget to navigate to the settings page before you publish, we will show an overlay with the main module settings you can apply.

Draft, Published, and Unpublished changes

The status of a module is visible both in the top right corner of the Module Maker editor and on the module overview. There are three different statuses:


A module is a draft up until it is published for the first time. In this status, adding a module to a Learning path or a Sharing is impossible.


Published is the last step in the creation and editing of a module. It means that the changes made to the module are active and thus available to all assigned users.

Unpublished changes

If a module has been edited after being published and those changes have not been made available to the assigned users by publishing them, then the status will be Unpublished changes.

Quick tip💡

When you edit a module that has been published before and try to publish it again, you will have to decide whether the users who have already completed the module have to complete it again or not.


For more information, contact our support🚀