Rated Learning: Your time to get feedback

This article describes how the Rated Learning feature works.

Not only do your users benefit from feedback after completing modules - you can also use it to improve your content in the future!

A strong feedback culture helps you develop even better learning, improve employee performance, and ultimately make the organisation more effective. A strong feedback culture is also an essential component of any healthy workplace.

You can find the 'Rating' tab in the module settings. To enable/disable the rating, the module has to be in edit mode. Click the selector to enable/disable the rating. Below the selector, you can see how the learners will see this rating. Remember to publish the module first.

When the rating is enabled, all the users who submit the module will be able to rate it, but it is not required. When users give the module a rating, they can add comments to elaborate their feedback.

The given ratings can be accessed in the module overview by selecting them to be visible in the table (this only needs to be done once).

When you have results available, you can see the average rating. You can access the rating overview to see all the ratings and comments when clicking on the rating.

You can filter the ratings by clicking the number of stars.

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