Repeat learning: Anchor learning

This article will help you understand how the Repeat function works.

It is possible to make a whole Learning path something your users shall repeat regularly!

When creating a learning path, you can make specific modules recurring by clicking on the module, but in case you want a whole learning path to be repeated, you can now do that inside your Sharing. Read the rest of the article to learn more!

How to use the Repeat feature

Use case: Let’s say you have created a compliance learning path containing several modules that learners must complete once a year.

Now – imagine if only modules could be set as repeated. This would mean you would have to enable the Repeat feature on every module inside the learning path.

But by activating Repeat on the entire learning path, it is much easier for you and the learner to maintain an overview of which learning content they need to do again in a while.

Therefore, we have made it possible to control whether an entire learning path – and not only modules – must be completed frequently.

Quick tip💡

The feature can also be used on specific modules; however, since we always advise you to add all modules to a path, we are focusing on the learning path here.

When using the feature, you can choose between 30, 90 and 365 days, or you can choose to customise it so the repetition happens within your guidelines.

Good to know

  • Optional modules in a Sharing cannot be set as Repeat.

  • A Repeated module will automatically get a new deadline x days after the module has been completed. The x days are calculated from the repeat interval that you decide.

Example: A learning path recurs every 365 days. If a user completes it today, the new deadline is set automatically 365 days from today.

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