Republish a Sharing

This article explains what will happen when you want to edit an already published sharing.

When you edit an already published sharing, whether you add or remove learning, it will affect the users as soon as you republish. Therefore, there's a need to explain precisely what happens when you republish.

Let's look at an example where Learning path A has been added.

In this example, the platform will lock all the learning following Learning path A for the user. This means that when Learning path A is completed, the following learning will unlock and be visible to the user. So, here the user will jump directly to Learning path B because the user has already completed Module 1.

Depending on your communication settings, your users will also be notified when new learning is added. Therefore, securing your settings before making any changes is a good idea, so you know who will get notifications. If you change the name of the sharing, the user will not be notified.

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