Required vs Optional Modules

In this article, we will introduce how the "Required" function works.

We have developed a setting that allows controlling whether a module is Required or Optional for users.

How to use the feature?

Let’s say you love the idea of having all relevant learning for a specific job role in one

sharing. Therefore, you have created a sharing and added all the relevant content to this job role.

Now – imagine that we leave it to the users to decide which of this content is important and which is not. That could be an overwhelming task for them. Therefore, we have made it possible for you to control whether a module is Required or Optional learning.

Good to know

  • Required learning cannot be placed after an optional module.

  • Modules set to be optional cannot be set to be repeated.

  • You cannot set deadlines on optional modules.

  • Optional learning is not included in the completion rate counts.

  • We have implemented a widget to ensure the users prioritise the required learning.

  • Optional learning will appear in the All learning section in the learning overview.


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