• Please make sure you are an Admin of your Softgarden instance or an Admin shared access with you.
    1. Log into your company's Softgarden instance.|
    2. In the top right, under you profile icon, click on Settings:

    3. Under the "Settings" page, click on "User Management", then "User":


    4. You should be able to see a list of users under "Your current Team", and locate your account in the list. If you cannot see the "ADMINISTRATOR" tag next your name, it means that you are not an admin:

    • You can find out who is an admin by locating a user with the "ADMINISTRATOR" tag in the users list, and ask them to assign you the "Administrator" role or take over the setup process.

Create your API Key

Click here to navigate to the integrations page, and you can skip to step 2, otherwise follow the steps listed below:

  1. In the top right, under you profile icon, click on Settings, then Additional Features, then Integrations:

  2. Scroll down to Softgarden API, enter any name under Add API client, then press Create

  3. Copy the value of the API Client you just created and paste it into the connection flow: