The Annual Wheel

This article provides you with inspiration on which trainings your users should complete and when.

In need of inspiration on what content to prepare for the next calendar year? You don't need to look any more!

Another benefit that comes from using an Annual Wheel is that you can avoid overwhelming your users with too much content at once - practice microlearning🧠

This article provides you with our ideas on how you could plan next year's training for your users. We have taken into consideration when awareness for different topics fall during the year and mapped it out so that the topic the users should go through are those in focus for the current period💡

The illustration is also attached as a PDF file at the end of the article so that you can download it.

Besides seeing our example, we have also added some recommendations that you can use to customise the wheel so that it fits your company's structure and focus points.

Our example of the Annual Wheel

We offer complete learning paths on various topics, so if you are in need of ready-made content, you can visit our Learning Store or contact your Account Manager.

Recommendations when planning content

The following three points brief you on the essential things to keep in mind while creating an Annual Wheel.

1. Set goals and be aware of the purpose🏅

  • Ask yourself these questions

    • What do you wish your users to master this year?

    • What training should be completed on the regular?

    • Do you have anything new upcoming that you want to prepare them for?

    • What is relevant for them to know?

2. Make the learning suitable for the time of year that we are approaching⏰

When this is kept in mind, it makes learning more engaging for the users since there is a high chance that they are already surrounded by people discussing the current topic.

To e.g. engage in conversations easily, they can feel compelled to complete the training on the topic when it is given to them at the right time.

3. Look back and reflect🤔

If you have been here at Learningbank for a while, you have some data showing which learning paths, etc., users have been most active and how well they managed. With this data, you have the opportunity to rethink learning or the time of release and consider if anything could be optimised this year.

It could be that you shared training in the summer period, and not many users completed it since they were away.

If something does not fit into your wheel, but you want the user to have the option to complete it anyway, you can add it to the explore page so that they can participate in it on their own initiative.

In case you have questions or need more inspiration, please get in touch with our support 🚀