The Module Maker: Best Practices

Looking for inspiration on how to structure your module? Look no further.

It can be challenging to know how much content you should have on each slide, whether to use a picture or a GIF and when to involve an interaction. To make your life easier, we have therefore concluded all of our best tips on how to structure your module in this article 😇

Step 1 - Create 

When creating a new module, you are presented with three options: Lesson, Quiz & a Survey.

The Lesson has elements where you can showcase information to your users and the quiz has the same elements as well as interactive features where you can test their knowledge. 

Our best practice is to always use Quiz when creating content. Sometimes you might not want to have an interaction in the moment and afterwards regret it, therefore it's good to have all of the options open already from the start 🙌

Step 2 - The Introduction

Introduce the module to the user by shortly explaining what the module is about, why they are taking this learning as well as for how long it will take. For this you should use the "Estimated completion time" in the settings.

Step 3 - The Topic

Start diving into the topic - But! Be aware not to overwhelm your users. Limit yourself to 50-60 words per slide to make the information easier to comprehend.

A good guideline is to also limit yourself to 1-2 core messages you want to get across to your users from each slide.

Step 4 - Interaction

Make sure you don't just present information. Include different interactions with instant feedback ever 5-6 slides to make sure your users are understanding the information and taking in the knowledge.

Step 5 - Summary

End the module by summarising what they have learned in the previous slides. A good idea would be to do this by using an interaction! Try to limit yourself to summarise with 3-5 key takeaways from the entire module.

Step 6 - The outro

Thank the learners for taking their time, and if you have another module following, make a nice bridge to the next learning - Lead learners by the hand.

Other recommendations for the Module Maker

  • Make sure the visuals are in coordinance with your brand guidelines so your modules are aligned with other modules in the platform

  • Use humour - But be cautious. Not all subjects are suitable for this 😉

  • Be critical of which rewards to use between medals, certifications and percentages. Certifications are a good reward to use for your employees if the learning is GDPR and medals are appropriate to use for a light-hearted subject. 

If you have any questions about this or need more inspiration, don't hesitate to reach out to our support through 🚀