• You need to be an Admin in BreezyHR. If you are not an Admin, please reach out to your Administrator or IT department.

  • You know you are an Admin if you can see your company's Integration API settings as indicated below after clicking the cog in the bottom left corner.


  1. Log into TRAFFIT, then click on the cog in the bottom left, then on "Integration API", then "Add client":

  2. Enter a name under "Client name, select the required scopes:

    Note: Go back to the connection flow to view the specific scopes required for your integration:

    Note: These scopes are only an example, they might differ in your case.

    Once you've selected the required scopes, press "Save".

  3. View the generated values of "Client name and "Client secret":

  4. Copy the values of "Client name" and "Client secret" back into the connection flow then press "Setup Integration":