Upload users with an import file

This article will tell you how to upload your users to the platform using an Import file.

This feature will be a great tool for uploading new users to your platform!

First, you click on the User management icon; then, you click on the three dots in the top right corner. Then you can download the import template to ensure the different columns fit your departments, permissions, and job profiles. If a department, for example, is added with a lowercase letter, it is essential that this letter is lowercase as well in the Excel sheet because if these are not the same, the upload will fail.

If you'd like to learn more about how departments work, you can check our article on this topic out here.

When the Excel document is ready, you return to the User management page, click on the three dots again, and select Import. Then you choose your document - and voila - all your users are uploaded!💡

Languages supported:

The system supports ISO language codes. Under the Language column in the import document, you have to add a code for your preferred language.

Example: "en" for English and "da" for Danish.

List of supported languages for the import template:




English United Kingdom en
Danish Denmark da
German Germany de
Spanish Spain es
Estonian Estonia et_EE
Finnish Finland fi
French France fr
Italian Italy it
Japanese Japan ja
Lithuanian Lithuania lt
Latvian Latvia lv_LV
Dutch Netherlands nl
Norwegian Norway no
Polish Poland pl
Portugal Portuguese pt
Romanian Romania ro_RO
Russian Russia ru
Slovak Slovakia sk
Swedish Sweden sv
English United States us
Chinese China zh

If you have any questions or need help, please feel free to contact our support🚀