Your guide to Premium Learning

Hey there - Good to see you!

You are interested in Premium Learning - What now?

Are you interested in buying access to our Premium Learning Paths from our Learning Store? Amazing! We encourage you to reach out to your dedicated Account Manager, who will help you further.

Not sure who your Account Manager is? Please reach out to our Support at

In the meantime, have a look at our Learning Store here: Digital Learning | E-learning | Gamification | Train & Engage ( or in your platform under the learning tab and "Premium Learning".

You have already chosen your Premium Learning Paths - What now?

You find the full overview of your learning paths under "Learning paths".

  1. Go to the learning path that you want to prepare for launch.

  2. Look at the modules, does any of them have "EDIT" in the title?

    1. If yes, click on the module and edit the text in the module marked with red. Remember to make the corrections in all the language versions you want to use.

    2. If no, no actions.

  3. Consider the following:

    1. Should there be a deadline for the modules?

    2. Should they recure, e.g. every year?

  4. Once you have added the settings to the modules, click "Publish"

  5. Go to "Sharing" and share the learning path with your users

Why do the modules have "EDIT" in their title?

You should be aware that all modules with "EDIT" in the title require you to customize them with your information. Often, it will either be a placeholder video or text highlighted in red, or it may say, for example, "insert name here." This will often involve contact information, for example, in the case of a data breach, etc. Remember to update this information in all language versions. If there are language versions that are irrelevant to you, you can delete them.

In doubt, how do you add settings to your modules? See this article: "What is a Learning path and how does it work?"

Tip💡 Below, you find an overview of our recommendations on yearly learning activities.




We hope you found this helpful! If you still have questions about Premium Learning, please reach out to our support🚀