Editing, saving, and sharing your learning paths

Learn all about editing status, how to include delays, and the next steps once you are done!

The status of a learning path is visible both in the top right corner of the learning path editor and on the learning path cards. There are three different statuses:


A learning path is a draft until it is published for the first time. In this status, it is not possible to add a learning path to a Sharing or assigning users.


Published is the last step in creating and editing a learning path. It means that the changes made to the learning path are active and thus available to all assigned users.

Unpublished changes

If a learning path has been edited after being published and those changes have not been made available to the assigned users by publishing them, then the status will be 'Unpublished changes'.

Delay your content to ensure that the learning will stick

Now you know how to make the basics of a learning path, so we move on to one of our other proud features - the delay feature!

Use this to stretch out learning, allowing users to reflect and anchor knowledge. To add a delay, you must first enable the feature; Complete modules in order. Afterwards, an Add delay button will appear when hovering over a module. You need to have added at least two modules to be able to add a delay.

The standard delay duration is 1 day, but you can click on the delay and choose a different duration in the side menu that appears. The delay time starts from the moment the user finishes the previous module.

Drag and drop

As mentioned in the section about modules, you can again use the drag and drop function to set the delay where you wish. To use it, click and hold a module and drag it to its intended location.

Important information alert! 🧠
A learning path has a top-down flow, with the top module intended as the start of the learning and the bottom one the last. This is especially important when using the 'Modules must be completed in order' feature.

Finish off your learning path

After finishing the learning path, the next step is to add it to a sharing. Before this is possible, you must publish it using the publish button in the top right corner.

Publishing a learning path is not definite; you can always edit it afterwards. For changes made during the edit to become available, click the “Publish” button again.

If you’re editing a learning path but don’t want to publish the changes, you can discard all changes made by clicking the Discard all changes button. You will be reverting the learning path to its last published version by clicking it.


For more information, contact our support at support@learningbank.io🚀