Ekko APP

Connecting your Learningbank account with Ekko APP requires activating API authentication.

Here's how to do it:

1. Access Learningbank Platform: Log in to your Learningbank platform using an administrator account. Ensure that you're in the Administrator view.

2. Navigate to Integrations: Once logged in, click on "Organization" and then select "Integrations".

3. Generate API Key: Within the Integrations, create an API Key. This key will be essential for establishing the connection. Here's how, if you're in doubt: How to get Learningbank API Credentials

4. Gather Information: After generating the API Key, gather the following information:

  • Username

  • Token

  • Password

5. Provide Information to Ekko APP: Send this information to your designated contact person at Ekko APP.

The integration currently configured operates as a single sign-on integration. This means that users must be registered on both platforms for seamless access.


Please do not hesitate reaching out, if you need any help 🚀