Mark learning as completed for users

If you would like to mark a Learning path as completed for a user, this article will describe how.

It is now possible to mark a Learning path assigned to a user as completed. When you have permission to do so, you can enter a user’s profile, navigate to the Learning paths tab and choose which Learning path you want to mark as completed.

Ensure you have enabled the permission Mark learning as completed inside your permissions.

Afterwards, go to User Management and find the user. Simply choose the Learning paths tab and click on the three dots to mark the learning as completed.

When you mark a quiz module as completed, the user will get a 100% score - meaning that everything will be answered correctly. If the test contains a written answer, the answer will be skipped and count as correct.

When you mark a survey as completed, no answers will be given. It is impossible to mark single modules as completed, only learning paths.

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