Structuring your Sharings

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What is the sharing function?

The sharing function in the platform is where you assign the learnings to your users.

If we apply this to the book metaphor, the modules are the chapters, the learning path is the book, and the sharing is who you would like to assign this book to.

It is within the sharing that you create a learner journey. Here, you can decide how you want to structure your sharing depending on what learning path you think makes sense to have in what order. We will also discuss how to structure your sharing so it makes sense to have it as a learner journey.

Who do you want to assign the learning to?

You can choose who you want to have the sharing be assigned to based on these different types:

- Job profile

- Departments

- Permission type

The option to add users manually is also available. Simply search them by name or filter through Job profiles, Departments or Permission types to find them.

Learn more about how to assign content to users here✉️

Different ways to structure your Sharings

  • Pearls in a row - New learning is assigned after finishing the previous one.

  • Sun sharing - Multiple learnings assigned at the same time.

  • Single sharing - One learning path attached to a sharing

Here, you can see a visual example of the different ways you could structure your learning path.

What should you keep in mind when structuring a sharing?

  • Keep it simple - Start small & think big

  • Keep the structure and set a clear purpose for sharing - If you want your users to take the learning sequentially, then it's better to structure it as a learner journey rather than a sun sharing.

  • Know your purpose - Is the sharing built to be aimed towards a user group or subject?

  • Will it make sense as a learner journey? - Your users will see the material the same way you set it up. Rethink whether a sun sharing makes the most sense for them to see or if they should see their learnings as pearls in a row. The end goal for them is to see how they will evolve throughout the journey.

Activating Learner Journey

When enabling a visible Learner Journey, you give your users the option to see what learnings are to come.

Why should you enable the Learner Journey?

  • Visualise their learning journey: Your users will see the sequence of learning material assigned to them and activities that lead to their learning objectives.

  • Track their progress: They can monitor their progress through each milestone.

  • Identify obtainable skills: Understand the skills they will gain throughout the learning journey, enabling them to visualise their career advancement.

If you need more information on how to use Learner Journeys, we recommend that you read this article: "Learner Journey".

Recommendations for Learner Journeys

Your users will see their journey in the same structure as it is in the sharing; therefore, the structure should make sense for them.

A sun sharing that doesn't open up any additional learning paths is not ideal for a learning journey. Structuring your sharing as pearls in a row is our best recommendation for your users to get the full value from seeing the entire journey.

This is how a sharing with the pearls in a row structure would look for your users.

Don't hesitate to reach out to our support for more tips on a good sharing structure 🚀