The Starting point function

This article introduces the “Starting point" function.

How does the feature work?

We have made defining the Starting point in a Sharing much easier. This reduces the number of user entry points to the learning, making it more user-friendly.

Inside a Sharing, every single learning element will now have its own Starting point. You define the first Starting point, and you define the progression between the modules or learning paths to match your needs. You simply connect all the elements inside your Sharing, creating your desired order.

You can choose the number of days you would like to postpone when the sharing should be shared with the user based on their first or last day, but you can also set the specific day for the learning to be released! That's great when you plan their journey!

Need tips on how to master the Sharing feature? Check out this article, "How to create a new Sharing," and get all the good tips and tricks🧠

For the users, only the next learning in the plan will be shown – so they will not be overwhelmed with all the learning assigned. But as they progress through their Learning Life Cycle in the Sharing, the learning will open, step by step – in the order you have decided!

For further information you can watch how to use it in action below 🎬

Good to know

  • A sharing cannot be published unless all learning inside is connected to other learning or a Starting Point.

  • The Sharing will always tell you if connection/s are missing when you want to publish.

For more information and guidance, please don't hesitate to contact our support 🚀