Integration Hub: Integrate with Learningbank

Guiding you to set up your user integration directly in the Integration hub.


❗Before you start setting up your integration on the integration hub, it's a good idea to disable your notifications in the communication tab (to ensure you're not sending off communication without being ready).


1 - Integration Hub 

Enter your Learningbank platform, navigate to the Organization tab, and click Integration Hub. Here, you can see all the standard user integrations you can easily integrate with 🛠

If you don't see your integration in the overview, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or

Step 2 - Find your integration

Once you've found your integration, simply click the integration to start the process.

Step 3 - Include vs Exclude 

The screenshots below show that the page is divided into three sections: users, departments, and settings. In both the 'Users' menu and the 'Departments' menu, you have the option to include or exclude certain users or groups. If you need to exclude/include singular users, go to the user tab, and if you need to exclude/include a group, go to the department tab.

Include: Users included will be updated by the integration.
Exclude: Users excluded will not, and you can manage them manually. 

❗Prevent the integration from overwriting the administrator's top department by adding them to the exclude list.  

Learn more on how to manage include and exclude in this article: "Integration hub: Include and Exclude"

Step 4 - Finalise your integration

When you are finished deciding on the above conditions, click the next button. The platform will guide you through the remaining steps - just follow the instructions 💪

Within a short time, you've finalised the user integration to the platform. Voila! 

🤔 If you wish to map different fields after setting up the integration, we can help you with this. However, you must have set up the integration in the integration hub beforehand.


Other useful integration articles: 

If you don't know how to find your credentials - find your source system below, to get help.

If you have any further questions, please reach our support🚀