Understanding module settings in a learning path

Customise your learning paths to your needs with module settings!

When creating or editing a learning path, you can access different settings by clicking on a module in the path. These settings customise the learning flow for the user 👩‍💻


Completion can either be set as required or optional. If selected as required, it is a requirement that the user completes the module to complete the learning path. You can set it as optional if the completion of the module is up to the user to decide and not a requirement for the completion of the learning path.

Be aware! Putting optional modules behind modules that must be completed in order, will lock the optional modules until the mandatory ones are completed ✔️


You can set a deadline for the completion of a module if you want the user to finish within a specific time frame. Content will still be available to the user after the deadline, and the user will still be able to complete it. If some users have not completed the module before their deadline, you can keep track of this on your admin dashboard. Go to "Exceeded deadlines” and click this to see which users have yet to finish it, and you can also send them a notification on it ✉️

Check out our article "Communication and notifications" to learn more about notifications!


You may want or need the user to periodically retake a module. You can automatise this by using the Repeat setting. In it, you can select between different standard timeframes or create your own. Time will be counted from the date the user last completed the module.

Passing score

For test modules, you can select a minimum required score to complete the module and progress on the learning path. The passing score is calculated in percentiles, so consider this when choosing it. For example, a passing score of 60% on a test consisting of 15 questions will mean the user needs to answer 9 questions correctly. If no changes are made to the passing score, the standard required passing score of 0% will remain active.

Complete again

Sometimes a single module is used in several learning paths. In that case, the user likely has already completed that module. If this occurs, you can use this setting to either require the user to retake the module by selecting “Yes” or allow the user to skip it by choosing “No”.

Quick tip💡
You can always edit your learning paths {edit and save article here} after publishing.

Simply click the learning path you want to edit and click the Edit button in the top right corner - now you are ready to adjust it to your liking.

Remember to publish it again afterwards for the users to see the changes. 


For more information, contact our support at support@learningbank.io 🚀