Recommendations for 'Personal Leadership' journey

A new exiting learning path has been added to our learning store, and to ensure that you get the most of of it, we have made some recommendations on how you can use it.

Before you share the journey with your users, there are a few things to consider. Let us take a look at it🧠

What does the
full journey exist of? 

This is our recommendation for a solid and comprehensive digital learning journey on Personal Leadership. It’s ready to use yet highly customisable. 

We’ve built the digital fundament and offer the possibility for blended learning activities. So, you can combine digital with for example, impactful workshops, 1:1 coaching, and supportive peer groups.

Read more about blended learning here: "Events (blended learning)"


What should you consider?

When setting up the journey, there are a few things for you to consider as an admin. In the below, we have outlined the modules you need to be aware of and edit if you want to.  

1. Your Personal Leadership

  • 🟡 Optional edit: Let’s get started: In this module, we have included a picture of the full journey. If you delete any of the learning paths or modules or change the order of them in the learning journey, you must delete the first slide in this module.  

2. Be Proactive 
  • 🔴 Edit: Real-life examples in [Company name]. This is an extra module that needs to be edited or deleted. This module is not a part of the full overview shown above. If you want to keep the module, you are forced to insert specific examples from your company on Proactive and Reactive behaviour. The purpose is to make the theory relatable for the learner. 

3. Learn to Prioritize  
  • Nothing to be aware of.
4. Become Mentally Resilience 
  • 🟡 Optional edit: Your action plan. In this module we have inserted what we call “Written answer”. The learner is here asked to create an action plan, and when they submit, it will be sent to their manager. Purpose is for them, to have a dialogue about the learner’s thoughts and development.  

5. Motivation is Key  
  • 🟡 Optional edit: Learn to be and stay motivated. In this module we have inserted what we call “Written answer”. The learner is here asked give advice on how their manager can lead them in the best way. So, when they submit, it will be sent to their manager. The purpose is for them to have a dialogue about how to keep the learner motivated in their job.  

6. Bring it Alive  

  • 🟡 Optional edit: Thank you. The last module is an ending to the journey. The purpose is to say thanks to the learner for participating and being engaged in the process and to open for a new beginning. The module is made of clean text, but we recommend using the text as a script. In this way, the company can film someone selected from the management and thank them personally for their participation. 


  • If you are satisfied with the existing setup, you only have to take action in point 2.
  • In addition, we recommend that you make your managers aware that the learner is dependent on the manager approving the "written answer" to progress the journey. 
  • Based on our experience, we know that peers or buddies can significantly enhance this journey. Engaging in dialogue outside the digital platform is crucial for personal development. Therefore, we recommend that you raise awareness about this within the platform or facilitate such interactions outside the platform.

When you have considered the above, it’s important that you take action and go to the relevant modules to edit.  To do that you go to the module that needs editing, click 'Edit' in the top right corner, do your edits and publish the module. Learn more on how to edit modules here.


Skills recommendation

We recommend that you include skills in the published learning paths so that the user knows which skills they will gain by completing the journey. This can help make the learning even more relevant and motivating for the user.

Check out our recommendation for specific skills below.

How to set up the journey

You are now ready to create the journey and share it with users 🎉

  1. Arrange the learning paths in the recommended order .
  2. Choose when the learner starts on the starting point.
  3. Add settings - Preferably make it mandatory, and set a 7-day delay between paths for adequate reflection.
  4. Assign users to the journey, and then publish it for your company!

By clicking on the underlined words, a new tab will open with a thorough explanation of the feature mentioned. 

Do you need more inspiration for the company’s leadership journey?

Check out this overview and get some tips. Download it to your device using the button in the top right corner. If you need more information, please reach out to🚀